Japanese.com lessons are point-based. There are various ways to study such as short-term intensive lessons and continuous lessons for those who are planning to study abroad or have a job interview.

1 lesson 25 minutes 800pt~ *

* Lesson points vary depending on the teacher. Please check from the reservation page of each teacher before making a reservation. 

★ Trial price until November ★

8000pt ¥ 8,000 (2019/12 ~)

15000pt 5,000 yen (~ 2019/11)

If you take a lesson with the teacher (800lt), you can take 18 lesson. If you combine with two free lessons, you can take a total of 20 lessons. Even if you take it every day from Monday to Friday, you still can take it for a month. At this opportunity, please try “Japanese.COM”.

Buy points (PayPal)

Buy points (Bunk Transfer)

■ Transfer to a bank account in Vietnam

■ Transfer to a bank account in Japan is available.

Please make sure to contact us in advance to prevent having mistakes in your bank account.


We have different curriculums such as JLPT, business, and daily life. Also, it’s possible to use your own materials or textbooks for supplemental study.

Those who are learning Japanese or who have just started studying Japanese will probably not improve well even if they have lessons with Japanese. The teacher will be someone who can speak the same language with you during beginning of the lessons. However, if you get N5, you should take lessons with native Japanese teacher as soon as possible. That is the quickest way to improve your Japanese.

Yes, as you register for new membership, you can take 25mins free trial lessons twice.

Yes, you can use the textbooks what you are using at school. However, you have to show it through Skype camera so that your teacher can see it.

Let’s start with greeting and easy conversation, then start lesson with your textbook either official JLPT textbooks.

All the points are valid within 30days.

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