1.Take your desired course

You can choose either JLPT course or daily/ business course depending on your Japanese ability.

2.You need to buy lesson points to take a class.

Click here to purchase points. Lesson points vary depending on the teacher. Lessons can be canceled even after booking. * Once you make a reservation, lesson points will be consumed even if you cancel without permission. When canceling, be sure to complete the cancellation procedure.

3.Counseling with your tutor about your study plan.

You can talk with your tutor and decide your own study plan depending on your “study purpose”, “level”, and “

4.Let’s book a lesson!

Click “book a lesson” to make your appointment. There are different courses depending on teachers, so please d

5.Start Skype lesson

You will get Skype call from your tutor. Let’s start with greeting and tell your tutor what you’d like to learn/ study. (ex. I’d like to study N4 level section 4 today.)

6.End of the lesson

You can get an advice from your tutor after lesson. We recommend you to book next lessons at end of the lesson.

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