Let’s speak Japanese with a native Japanese teacher wherever and whenever you want!

One on one lesson with Japanese native teacher

All the Japanese teachers are profession of IT, nursing, engineer, education, business, dishes, hotel, and so on. You could meet the best teacher for your career.
*you can take a Japanese lesson from a Japanese tutor from N4 class.

Pre-test every month

It’s still good to have an online lesson,but it’s difficult to see how much you develop. Japanese.com can provide you a mock exam per month so that you can check what you learnt.

Abundant introduction of job

We are the employment agency which is officialy permited from Japanese government. We have introducing lots of jobs for foreigners so far. If you would like to work in Japan, we definitely support you.

You can find your own curriculum.


N4 course


Architecture & design


N1 course


After you get fluent Japanese, let’s find a job in Japan! Japanese.com can help you to find a perfect job from variety of occupations. You can access from the below.

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